October 27, 2009

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure - DS

Genre: Action/Adventure, Mini Games
Release Date: October 27, 2009
ESRB Rating: E for Everyone
Average Cost: $34.99 (Canada)
Players: 1

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure from Disney Interactive Studios brings you into the heart of Pixie Hollow where with the help of the other fairies you will help celebrate the end of Autumn at the Autumn Revelry. There are plenty of things to keep you busy in Pixie Hollow, flutter around, help other fairies by completing tasks, collect items to be transformed into clothing or furniture, decorate your home and most of all play your role in making the Autumn Revelry the best one ever. This DS title has a lot to offer, play in story mode or fairy mode and even take you online to www.pixiehollow.com or DGamer.

In story mode you follow Tinker Bell the tinker fairy as she prepares for the Autumn Revelry. As her special role, Queen Clarion entrusts Tinker Bell with the task of crafting the Autumn Scepter. Though the task seems easy at first she encounters some major setbacks when the special Blue Moonstone for the Scepter is accidentally broken. As the Moonstone is the only one that has been found in the past 100 years, Tinker Bell must find a way to repair it. Thus begins the search for the Mirror of Incanta that can grant one wish to whoever finds it and hopefully restore the Blue Moonstone to its original state.

Story mode is filled with 17 mini-games including puzzles and action sequences. Overall the story mode was fun but a little on the short side as it took less than an hour to complete. Though you may be tempted to close the game rather than sit through the credits at the end of this mode, stick through it. Once completed, you will have unlocked two options in this mode to either play a specific chapter or to play the mini-games on their own.

Fairy Mode is also a sort of story mode where you can choose to play one of five fairy classes (water, light, animal, tinker or garden) and follow your fairy's journey as they prepare for the Autumn Revelry. Once you have selected your fairy's class you will customize your fairies name and appearance (face, skin color, eye color, hairstyle and wing style). To select the name you are given a very extensive list of first and last names to choose from, but, unfortunately you cannot enter your own name selection. Finally pick your fairies wardrobe from a selection of tops, skirts, headwear and shoes. Two colour choices are available to start, however, you can add to your wardrobe later as you collect items around Pixie Hollow.

There is a very linear story progression in the game as you must complete all tasks in order. It was great to see that each fairy class had a unique story line specifically designed for their special skills. Each fairy class will begin in a uniquely styled home which you can decorate with furniture in your possession or furniture that you will be able to create. The majority of the game is spent talking to other fairies and finding out what you can do to contribute to the revelry. Once you know your task, you will continue to help other fairies throughout Pixie Hollow and work towards your contribution. In order to help the other fairies you will either be asked to collect specific items or help them perform a task in the form of a mini-game. Even the mini-games are specially designed to reflect your fairy's special skill. At the end of each fairy mode you will unlock a special feature so it is worthwhile to play through them all.

The game is beautifully designed with vibrant settings and colourful characters and quick but enjoyable mini-games. The stylus is used throughout gameplay to control the fairy's movement and to play the mini games. When moving across the screen your fairy will flutter its wings and glide smoothly according to your directions with the stylus. When selecting areas from the map you choose to move from area to area or you can select Next Destination from your map menu. The Next Destination option was a great feature if you wanted to get right to the place you needed to go, however, if you want to collect items to craft things it is better to go area to area.

If you just can't get enough of Pixie Hollow after playing through the game, be sure to visit www.pixiehollow.com. There you can continue your adventure in Pixie Hollow, create a fairy, play games and chat with other fairies. Once you have an account you can also upload your fairy you created and items collected in Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, get news updates and vote in online polls right from your DS using your Nintendo Wi-Fi connection.

If you’re thinking of purchasing Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure for Tinker Bell you may be disappointed in the actual size of her role in this game. It is less centered around Tinker Bell and more focused around the Fall Revelry and the roles each fairy plays in getting it ready. This title will most likely appeal to a younger crowd with its cutesy feel and the majority of its quick and simplistic mini-games. Overall, it was a pleasant gameplay experience but lacks a bit of replay value that would make this title more complete.

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