October 28, 2009

Family Feud 2010 - Wii

Family Feud 2010 - Wii

Author: GamerWifeV

Genre: Game Show/Trivia
Release Date: September 29, 2009
Game Rating: E for Everyone
Average Cost: $39.99
Players: 1-4

Family Feud
is a widely familiar, classic game show that has been watched on television for quite some time and now comes to your gaming console in the form of Family Feud 2010 for the Wii or DS. If you haven’t heard of the game you have certainly been missing out on a great trivia game show. The game asks you to provide the top answers against those provided from the individuals surveyed. The questions are greatly varied and can include such questions as “Where do you find skeletons?”, “At what age do children get their first crush?”, “Name something that is sold in gallons?” just to name a few. The family that collects 300 points first will advance to the Fast Money round where they will have a chance to win $20,000 dollars.

The game brings the true television experience to your home with the voice of John O’Hurley, the current host for Family Feud on television hosting this game version. There is also the familiar ding of a correct answer, the negative buzzer of the strikes and lets not forget the catchy theme song that really rounds out the entire experience.

Play head to head in single player or multiplayer mode against different families in this fun and fast paced trivia game show. As mentioned, your objective is to find the top answers for a variety of trivia questions and score 300 points over the course of four rounds. In the first two rounds the point values stay the same and in round two and three these points are multiplied by two or by three

At the beginning of each round a family member from each side will face off and meet at the center podium where they will be given the round question, asked to ring in the fastest and give the top answer to win control of the round. We had the chance to try out the game for the Wii and in this version ringing in is performed by flicking the Wii Remote down as though you were actually hitting the buzzer. As a personal disappointment, the creators left out the customary handshake of good sportsmanship prior to the buzzer battle. If you are lucky enough to provide the top answer you will be given the chance to pass the question to the other family or play and try to provide all the answers on the board.

When answering the questions you are given twenty seconds and a keyboard on which to input your answers. Though this might seem like a short period of time to get your answer in, the game does come equipped with a special text entry assistance which will pull up predictive answers based on the few letters you type in and the game will also forgive you for spelling mistakes. The spell check feature came in really handy for those difficult words or those tricky words that have both American and Canadian spelling. I found the only flaw with the text entry assistance was in the case of the predictive answers. Should you happen to type in an answer that is not registered in the game for example “centipede” there are no predictive answers that come up. This ends up being a dead give away that the answer is not correct.

Each time you get a wrong answer you will be given a strike. Three strikes and you are out. If you receive three strikes before all the answers are revealed on the board the other team will have the chance to give an answer on the board in order to steal the points. There is some strategy to playing or passing. If you are confident that you know the answers it is best to play however, if you are unsure, it is better to let the other family play which gives you more time to think of an answer should the family not get all the answers. If neither family reaches 300 points by the end of the rounds the game will go into sudden death where you will be given a question with one answer and the family who gets the answer right will win the points and ultimately the game.

The winning team will then go to play Fast Money where you will be asked to answer five questions split into two rounds with the hopes of earning 200 points. If you are able to earn 200 points you will win $20,000. If you do not make it to 200 points you will be given five times your point value in dollars.

As with most games these days you have the option of customizing your player in Family Feud 2010 including changing their hair, clothes, facial features etc. When you win Fast Money in single player mode you will unlock more customizable features such as new hairstyles or different clothes for your wardrobe.

Overall, this title instantly drew my attention, not because of a fancy cover or a heavy advertising push but mostly because I had followed this game show for many years. This title will most likely appeal to those like myself who have watched this game show and loved it. I was definitely not disappointed with the experience as it stayed true to what I had expected. This game really gets you thinking on your toes, offers a platform for friendly competition and a few good laughs in regards to the survey answers.

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