March 3, 2009

Halo Wars Contest

Howdy folks,

I have some Flaming Warthog Codes for Halo Wars and one Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack to giveaway! All you have to do is e-mail, message me on Xbox Live or post a comment on who is your favourite classic video game character to enter. I mention a few in my Halo Wars Demo article if you need some inspiration.

Draw will take place tonight at midnight (EST)


Dave said...

Hey thanks for the contest. My Favorite classic video game character is Link from the Zelda series.

XBL ID: Luc Deveraux

chokochokorito said...

My favorite character is Dante from DMC


prototype9100 said...

Nice contest!
My favorite classic character would have to be Kirby!

Xbox Live Gamertag: prototype9100

StealthyNuck said...

My favorite character would have to be Pacman. That, or Chain-chomp from Super Mario 64.

Xbox Live Gamertag: StealthyNuck

Knuckle09 said...

Simon Belmont from Castlevania series! He can whip it, whip it good.
Cool contest!

XBL: Knuckle09

joelisgreat said...

Cool contest. It's nice to see a generous person on the inerwebz.
My favorite classic character is Donkey Kong from... erm... Donkey Kong... You can't get much cooler than a huge monkey with an infinite supply of barrels.

My gamertag is: Deefdude

Juliette said...

Great contest, first time visitor to the site! My favourite classic character is easily Mario. Many memories of a great Nintendo childhood :)

rowlaids said...

My Favorite classic video game character is Donkey Kong in Mario Kart.

Mander said...

My favourite character is Samus from Metroid. Not only does she kick ass in Super Smash Bros and her own games, but she's also hot!

XBL GT: mander A1

swatsonic said...

my email is

my fav character is cloud from ff7

gametag is also swatsonic