January 9, 2009

New Year, New Games, New Direction

Being a new site I know that it will take some time to build up a readership, and even more time to flesh out my own style. I have recently started working full-time again, after spending the past 2 and half years as a full-time Dad and have found my gaming time a bit more limited.

This new job will reduce the amount of games I play and review, but on the other hand I will be adding comments on how to fit your gaming in along with family, and work time. I find some games are a lot easier to pick up and play and fit some time in, where other games will take a lot of time and focus to play. These longer games should be saved for days off and vacations.

So in summary, along with trying to inform parents about games their children may be playing we will be suggesting and commenting on great games for parents to play for themselves.

I look forward to see how far we come in the growth of Recreational Gamers during the next year.

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